My first week at school

Well, Monday the 28th, was my first day at school. Luckily I had a campus map with me and prepared myself. Today I had classes in the building Chasehall and Rockwell hall. A have a real relax schedule, Mondays from 1pm till 6pm, Wednesdays from 1pm till 9pm, Thursdays from 1pm till 4pm, and Tuesdays and Fridays Im off! 

So my first class was Marketing Management, the first thing I noticed when I walked into the classroom is that every one was so quite, it was so awkward. They probably nobody know each other. This course was oke, its a repeat of what I already have done so that will probably give me a head start. The second course though International Marketing, seems interesting, but the guy lecturing it is so stupid. Goshh, keeps talking about bullshit and doesnt make the course any interesting at all! And after I had Foundation of a Leadership, that course was oke but the lecturer was Josephine, the director of International Office. Because of her sloppy work. One of the exchange students had to go back to Australia cause one professor of a course that she really needed to succeed in order to pass the semester, didnt accept her. He didnt find her portfolio good enough (duhh thats why she's here, to learn right?), she majors is Photography by the way. But yeah that sucks, that she had to leave already. So, I have her as my lecturer, wauw, how arrogant a person can be, kept nagging about how good she is and how she survived two big recession (so did my parents.. so?).

Wednesday, I had the same courses as Monday, plus Consumer Behavior. The teacher made us stand in a straight line in the order of our name, alphabetically, we had to walk past him and each of us had to pick a ping pong ball with a number on it. And based on that number we made a group.. (wauw all that effort to form a freaking group), he explained that during the semester we will have 12 quizzes, 2 project presentation (which one of them is contact a for-profit business to make a commercial of 30 sec) and in-class assigments. He made us do a quiz right away that day! And guess what about? About the freaking intro syllabus.. we got 10 mc questions, quesion number 1: 'What are my office hours?'. Wednesday are my worst days!!

Thursday, I just had International Accounting, which seems really interesting also the lecturer is luckily more interesting and way less stupid than the others! Haha I could actually start my weekend normal:P.

Its fun to walk from my room to school, its just like walking from my house to the train station. And seeing other students walking to their classes. Its like a small ville of students haha. I think in spring and summer its more fun, then I wouldnt mind being outside. But for now it is so cold and freezing! There is like 15cm of snow outside now! My roommate told me also it would be more fun when its warmer, everyone is outside bbq and playing music and all, so I am really looking forward to spring and summer.

Met my roommate!

Oh yeah.. I probably forgot to say that I had a roommate, but I didnt met her until today. Cause the regular students aren't allowed on campus yet, since school didnt start 'till Monday. The first time I arrived at my room, her side of the room was real need, so I could tell that she was a need person, obviously haha. I looked at some pictures that she had hanging in the room, to have an idea what kind a girl she was. I was so hoping she wouldnt be a total bitch or psycho though haha.

So finally, I met my roommate, Jennifer. She comes from Long Island and originally from Guatemala. We get along fine, she is very kind and we take each other into account so thats good. I also met the others in our suite. Our suite exist of a bathroom (with 2 showers, 2 sinks and a toilet) 2 double rooms and 1 single room, where the RA of our department stays. I'm glad they are all real nice and the type of persons I would hang out with.

My memories start to fade

23rd of Januari, I start getting lazy on the writing, you guys notice? Haha. So today again we went doing some shopping and went to Molly's place to make dinner together. And hang out for a bit.

24th of Januari, again Im not sure what I did that day.. Oh yeahh. We met the other international students, Patrick, Louise, George and Mo, who were already here for a semester and will be here for another semester. 4 of them also from England. We met them and they showed us a bit around the campus, craaaaazy brits! Hahah they are all so nice and fun! We had (late) lunch together. After lunch I went to the mall myself to get a laptop cause I couldnt stand another boring day in my room! It was close to 5/6pm, I went to Apple, which was found in the Walden Galleria Mall and bought myself a Macbook Pro 13inch! Yaay! But I got nervous holding that thing in my hand on my way back the my room. While I was waiting in front of the mall for the bus. There was another guy standing there waiting for his ride. After like 10 minutes he suddenly asked if I just bought a Mac for myself.. Apparently I was so caught off guard, I replied 'yea' .. 'why'? 'Is it an Ipad?' .. 'ehh.. why?' 'oh sorry didnt mean to be in your business but I was thinking buying myself one but its quite expensive, how much was it?' I was like for real?! First of all you can look it up yourself, and oh its expensive you wanna steal mine? I was sooooo scared haha! And as if that wasnt scary enough, he slowly moved closer to me.. Wauwww I shitttt my pants!! So I went back in pretending asking some girls, that were sitting there, for some information about the bus. But I made it home safely!!

25th of Januari, now I really dont remember what I did that day... Probably hanging out with the others. Oh and I wanted to go to the gym, but apparently due to construction in the original building they moved to another building, which I wasnt aware of so I walked around the original building for like a half hour trying to find the entrance. And oh yeah, I went to my very first bball game! Although it was just the school team, it was awesome! Didnt expect that our team are pretty good! There are games like every Firday and Saturday.

Saturday the 26th of Januari, I went to Niagara falls with Zach, Emme, Janisha and Kenny. Forgot to tell you how we met Zach.. The other day we went to target and then to K mart for some arons, and we (Emme, Molly and Rhiannon) end up missing the bus so we were there stading in the cold waiting for the next bus te come. Suddenly a car stopped in front of us.. The guy (Zach) rolled down his window and said if we would like a ride to where ever we needed to be. Hahah, we were all looking at each other, not knowing what to do, cause of course it was dangerous to step in a strangers' car but it was soooooo cold!!! So I looked at Molly, cause she is the oldest in the group. After doubting and looking at each other, Molly whispered 'there is 4 of us and 1 of him, we can can handle him'. So we jumped as fast as possible in the car. Hahah, but it turned out he wasnt a serial killer. He was actually nice and gave us some information about the town and some tour guide on our way to the campus. So thats pretty much how we met. And today he took us to Niagara Falls, which seems to be very famous. It was so beautiful we could see Canada from across the river!

Meeting with the other exchange students at orientation programme

22nd of Januari, we had a orientation programme at 11am for all the exchange students. When I got there, there was just the 4 of us.. so 3 other exchange students.. Molly, Aidan and Rhiannon thats it. Those 3 came from Australia, later another girl arrived from the airport, and she's from England, Emme. At the orientation programme she explained everything we should know and be aware of for this semester. She brought some breakfast, that was a nice gesture. Afterwards, we went for lunch, that was new to me I have never went to lunch with a teacher/director before. Her assistant showed us around and we had a little tour. And after that we went on our own to do some groceries, I think we went to target. I dont remember.

First day at campus

So the next morning the 21st, I woke up at 6.30am I thought I overslept!! Ofcourse back at home it would be 12.30pm. I couldnt sleep anymore so I just lay in the king big ass size bed and watched TV till it was 10am I started getting ready to go to campus. I checked out and called for a cab. At first I thought I had to pick up my dromkey at the international office so I let the cab drop me off at the international office which is found in the North Wing (see map). I went up to their office, but there was no one! So I had to carry ALL my luggages and go searching for my building, in the cold :'(. Apparently, I just had to check in at my dorm. Nice.

Anyway, he showed me my room left me the keys and some folders. I noticed I did have a pillow or blanket, so after unpacking my luggages I went out and searched for the bus so I can go somewhere and do some arons. That was some adventure though since it seriously was DEAD on campus, no one what so ever!! Eventually, I called the person that gave me the keys for some information. It was so cold (it still is freaking freezin!!), the bus stops here dont have a bus schedule nor a 'bus stop name', so weird. Anyhow, after I have bought a pillow and blanker inclusive sheets for $15 and some food and a pan.

I went to the Galleria Mall, which is like 40minutes of campus. they have pretty much everything and its huge! So I went there to eat dinner.. alone.. all by myself.. like a lost puppy.. I bought a magazine so it would be less awkward haha with all the stuff with me. After a while, I took the bus back to campus. I got so bored, cause I didnt have Wifi and I didnt had a laptop to watch movies on it. So I just read some magazines and went to bed. How my room looks like you can see it on the pictures.

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