My first week at school

Well, Monday the 28th, was my first day at school. Luckily I had a campus map with me and prepared myself. Today I had classes in the building Chasehall and Rockwell hall. A have a real relax schedule, Mondays from 1pm till 6pm, Wednesdays from 1pm till 9pm, Thursdays from 1pm till 4pm, and Tuesdays and Fridays Im off! 

So my first class was Marketing Management, the first thing I noticed when I walked into the classroom is that every one was so quite, it was so awkward. They probably nobody know each other. This course was oke, its a repeat of what I already have done so that will probably give me a head start. The second course though International Marketing, seems interesting, but the guy lecturing it is so stupid. Goshh, keeps talking about bullshit and doesnt make the course any interesting at all! And after I had Foundation of a Leadership, that course was oke but the lecturer was Josephine, the director of International Office. Because of her sloppy work. One of the exchange students had to go back to Australia cause one professor of a course that she really needed to succeed in order to pass the semester, didnt accept her. He didnt find her portfolio good enough (duhh thats why she's here, to learn right?), she majors is Photography by the way. But yeah that sucks, that she had to leave already. So, I have her as my lecturer, wauw, how arrogant a person can be, kept nagging about how good she is and how she survived two big recession (so did my parents.. so?).

Wednesday, I had the same courses as Monday, plus Consumer Behavior. The teacher made us stand in a straight line in the order of our name, alphabetically, we had to walk past him and each of us had to pick a ping pong ball with a number on it. And based on that number we made a group.. (wauw all that effort to form a freaking group), he explained that during the semester we will have 12 quizzes, 2 project presentation (which one of them is contact a for-profit business to make a commercial of 30 sec) and in-class assigments. He made us do a quiz right away that day! And guess what about? About the freaking intro syllabus.. we got 10 mc questions, quesion number 1: 'What are my office hours?'. Wednesday are my worst days!!

Thursday, I just had International Accounting, which seems really interesting also the lecturer is luckily more interesting and way less stupid than the others! Haha I could actually start my weekend normal:P.

Its fun to walk from my room to school, its just like walking from my house to the train station. And seeing other students walking to their classes. Its like a small ville of students haha. I think in spring and summer its more fun, then I wouldnt mind being outside. But for now it is so cold and freezing! There is like 15cm of snow outside now! My roommate told me also it would be more fun when its warmer, everyone is outside bbq and playing music and all, so I am really looking forward to spring and summer.


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