Met my roommate!

Oh yeah.. I probably forgot to say that I had a roommate, but I didnt met her until today. Cause the regular students aren't allowed on campus yet, since school didnt start 'till Monday. The first time I arrived at my room, her side of the room was real need, so I could tell that she was a need person, obviously haha. I looked at some pictures that she had hanging in the room, to have an idea what kind a girl she was. I was so hoping she wouldnt be a total bitch or psycho though haha.

So finally, I met my roommate, Jennifer. She comes from Long Island and originally from Guatemala. We get along fine, she is very kind and we take each other into account so thats good. I also met the others in our suite. Our suite exist of a bathroom (with 2 showers, 2 sinks and a toilet) 2 double rooms and 1 single room, where the RA of our department stays. I'm glad they are all real nice and the type of persons I would hang out with.


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