My memories start to fade

23rd of Januari, I start getting lazy on the writing, you guys notice? Haha. So today again we went doing some shopping and went to Molly's place to make dinner together. And hang out for a bit.

24th of Januari, again Im not sure what I did that day.. Oh yeahh. We met the other international students, Patrick, Louise, George and Mo, who were already here for a semester and will be here for another semester. 4 of them also from England. We met them and they showed us a bit around the campus, craaaaazy brits! Hahah they are all so nice and fun! We had (late) lunch together. After lunch I went to the mall myself to get a laptop cause I couldnt stand another boring day in my room! It was close to 5/6pm, I went to Apple, which was found in the Walden Galleria Mall and bought myself a Macbook Pro 13inch! Yaay! But I got nervous holding that thing in my hand on my way back the my room. While I was waiting in front of the mall for the bus. There was another guy standing there waiting for his ride. After like 10 minutes he suddenly asked if I just bought a Mac for myself.. Apparently I was so caught off guard, I replied 'yea' .. 'why'? 'Is it an Ipad?' .. 'ehh.. why?' 'oh sorry didnt mean to be in your business but I was thinking buying myself one but its quite expensive, how much was it?' I was like for real?! First of all you can look it up yourself, and oh its expensive you wanna steal mine? I was sooooo scared haha! And as if that wasnt scary enough, he slowly moved closer to me.. Wauwww I shitttt my pants!! So I went back in pretending asking some girls, that were sitting there, for some information about the bus. But I made it home safely!!

25th of Januari, now I really dont remember what I did that day... Probably hanging out with the others. Oh and I wanted to go to the gym, but apparently due to construction in the original building they moved to another building, which I wasnt aware of so I walked around the original building for like a half hour trying to find the entrance. And oh yeah, I went to my very first bball game! Although it was just the school team, it was awesome! Didnt expect that our team are pretty good! There are games like every Firday and Saturday.

Saturday the 26th of Januari, I went to Niagara falls with Zach, Emme, Janisha and Kenny. Forgot to tell you how we met Zach.. The other day we went to target and then to K mart for some arons, and we (Emme, Molly and Rhiannon) end up missing the bus so we were there stading in the cold waiting for the next bus te come. Suddenly a car stopped in front of us.. The guy (Zach) rolled down his window and said if we would like a ride to where ever we needed to be. Hahah, we were all looking at each other, not knowing what to do, cause of course it was dangerous to step in a strangers' car but it was soooooo cold!!! So I looked at Molly, cause she is the oldest in the group. After doubting and looking at each other, Molly whispered 'there is 4 of us and 1 of him, we can can handle him'. So we jumped as fast as possible in the car. Hahah, but it turned out he wasnt a serial killer. He was actually nice and gave us some information about the town and some tour guide on our way to the campus. So thats pretty much how we met. And today he took us to Niagara Falls, which seems to be very famous. It was so beautiful we could see Canada from across the river!


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