First day at campus

So the next morning the 21st, I woke up at 6.30am I thought I overslept!! Ofcourse back at home it would be 12.30pm. I couldnt sleep anymore so I just lay in the king big ass size bed and watched TV till it was 10am I started getting ready to go to campus. I checked out and called for a cab. At first I thought I had to pick up my dromkey at the international office so I let the cab drop me off at the international office which is found in the North Wing (see map). I went up to their office, but there was no one! So I had to carry ALL my luggages and go searching for my building, in the cold :'(. Apparently, I just had to check in at my dorm. Nice.

Anyway, he showed me my room left me the keys and some folders. I noticed I did have a pillow or blanket, so after unpacking my luggages I went out and searched for the bus so I can go somewhere and do some arons. That was some adventure though since it seriously was DEAD on campus, no one what so ever!! Eventually, I called the person that gave me the keys for some information. It was so cold (it still is freaking freezin!!), the bus stops here dont have a bus schedule nor a 'bus stop name', so weird. Anyhow, after I have bought a pillow and blanker inclusive sheets for $15 and some food and a pan.

I went to the Galleria Mall, which is like 40minutes of campus. they have pretty much everything and its huge! So I went there to eat dinner.. alone.. all by myself.. like a lost puppy.. I bought a magazine so it would be less awkward haha with all the stuff with me. After a while, I took the bus back to campus. I got so bored, cause I didnt have Wifi and I didnt had a laptop to watch movies on it. So I just read some magazines and went to bed. How my room looks like you can see it on the pictures.


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